Wednesday, May 31, 2017


1. Laptop

Having a laptop makes it easy to make music while on the go. Check out the following poll on our site about Mac vs. PC for music makers.
Apple Computer for Music Production

2. Music Software

Music software is essential for every music maker, from making beats to mixing them down. Popular Music Software
FL Studio Music Production Software

3. MIDI Keyboard

Making music is much easier when you have a MIDI keyboard. Using a mouse to click around on your computer can be time consuming and it can limit your creativity. Popular MIDI Keyboards
Midi Keyboards

4. Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are a must in order to hear your music loud and hear good sound when mixing beats. Popular Studio Monitors
Studio Monitors

5. Headphones

Having good headphones will let you hear all the subtle elements in the music you are making. Popular Headphones
Music Headphones

6. External Hard Drive

Backing up your work is important, so have a hard drive that is small, USB-powered, and provides additional space. Popular Hard Drives
External Hard Drives for Music

7. Music Production Sounds

Having a large collection of sounds is a must. We have all types of free drums, free VST plugins, and more at Hip Hop Makers.
Free Drums, Free VST Plugins, Free Music Software
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