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8 Things Every Rapper Should Know - #InternetMoney - @SirHeistZone4

8 Things Every Rapper Should Know

In this blog, we will tell you the 8 Things Every Rapper Should Know to reach stardom.

Setting Goals

To become anything important in the society today, you have to have a plan. No one becomes famous by accident anymore largely because of the stiff competition brought about by the abundance of self-empowering resources and when it comes to coveted careers such as music, the playing ground is never the same.

Create A Brand

Branding yourself is essentially creating an identity as an artist and getting the people to associate you and your music as a product with a particular feeling or element. Talking business, branding is essentially creating a product that sells itself, both online and offline.

Create Quality Music

The main reason most new artists fail is not that they don’t have the talent, or the dedication to succeed; the number one reason young musicians wither right after starting out has to do with the quality of music they make.

Market Your Music Effectively

Alongside talent, the ability to market yourself and your music as a product is one of the key ingredients of success in an artist’s music career. Some experts even argue that today, being able to effectively market your music and yourself contributes more to success than talent.

Get Your Music On Youtube

YouTube is a very important social media resource that should be first in your arsenal of online marketing tools to promote your music and your identity as a brand. Despite being the second largest online search engine with hundreds of millions of unique daily visitors, YouTube is free.

Stage Up, Promote, & Collaborate

One truth you will learn when you begin promoting and marketing your music is that initially, no one will help you. In fact you will feel that everyone is out to put you down. In order for things to start moving forward and for you to record progress in your campaign, you will have to use a multi-pronged approach that involves promoting your content both online and offline in all possible ways you can take advantage of.

Connect & Network On Social Media

One thing you will appreciate pretty soon after you begin promoting and marketing your music and your identity as a musician is that this is a process that once it starts, becomes an ongoing requirement. Most times, marketing yourself and your music gets easier as you make more connections, get better at the game and win more fans but even then, your marketing must go to a whole new level.

Build A Website

While setting up a website with an online store can be the first step in your marketing strategy rather than the first, it pays more to make a name before the money. Eventually, when you are ready to monetize your talent and earn from music sales or just want to have a page with all your information, you will need to build a website and start figuring out how best to sell your music.


In conclusion these are the 8 Things Every Rapper Should Know.  To learn more about each of these topics, download our E-Book

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