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How To Become A Better Rapper - #InternetMoney - @SirHeistZone4

How To Become A Better Rapper

Step By Step Guide On How To Become A Better Rapper written by: Jimmy Conway
Many of us have talents but to make talents work for us, we have to nurture them. So do you have the talent and dream to become the next rap superstar? You do not have to sleep on your talent for lack of knowledge. Stand out and keep your talent and career as rapper going. Here is a step by step guide on how to become a better rapper
Step 1.

Write Good Lyrics

Write, write, then write some more. The most important weapon in a rapper’s life is lyrics. You don’t have to want to be known as the rapper who raps other people’s material. You want to be original and have your lyrics come from the heart. The more you write and practice your rapping with your lyrics, the more natural and professional you will sound when it comes time to recording. Using your Smartphone to write your lyrics is a great idea. Use technology to the best of your abilities.
Step 2.

Buy Quality Beats

Get some hot and original beats. If you want to get noticed, your demo will need to stand out from the rest of the thousands produced on daily basis. You can buy high-quality beats at Instant Classic Productionz – Buy Rap Beats and make your demos stand out among the millions out there.
Step 3.

What Do I Need For A Home Recording Studio

The technology advancements have allowed society to make quality music from the privacy of our homes. Today’s equipment and software enable recording artists and producers to make professional quality music comparable to what you get in a recording studio if not better. When you record in the privacy of your home, you can take your time perfecting your song and lyrics and not worrying about the cost. Recording artists will also feel more comfortable and be able to deliver their lyrics more naturally. Some great DAW software out there are Cubase, Logic, Ableton, and Protools. You will also need an audio interface, preferably one with phantom power for your microphone. For your microphone use the perception 420, which is a very affordable yet quality microphone. There are plenty of quality microphones out there. Stay away from USB microphones. You will also want to soundproof your room. They sell sound-proofing kits in many music websites. These can be pretty expensive so just look for reflector filter, which sits behind your microphone along with a mesh filter screen. The reflector will block out all sounds behind and on the sides of your microphone, giving you a much cleaner and clearer vocal recording.
Step 4.

Make Your Music Go Viral

Upload your music everywhere you can think of;,,,,, and among others. The more outlets you use, the more exposure your music will get. Get your mixtape sponsored and start promoting it on all social media platforms. If your mixtape gets enough buzz, it may end up on the front page of their website. You will have record labels knocking on your door ready to sign you. Remember to be courteous and professional if approached by a major recording label. You can also get paid for your music on sites like ITunes, EMusic, Rhapody and many more.  Simply sign up to the website Songcast and get distribution for your music worldwide.
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