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The 6 Best Websites to Sell Beats Online

I can see it now: you’ve been perfecting your craft and your beats have gotten much better over time. Now you’re at the point where you want to reap the rewards of your hard work; but where can you sell your beats?
You may not realize it, but there are plenty of websites to sell beats, and some of them you have been using already.
I’ve gathered a list of the best websites where you can sell beats, and how you can use those websites to your advantage. So, where should you sell your beats online? Let’s get started.

1. Your​ ​own​ ​website

Having your own beat selling website is the most ideal because it shows how professional you and your brand are. There are countless beatmakers that are trying to sell their beats online through various mediums, but few actually have their own website.
You may be thinking that it would be too much work to have your own website, but it’s really not that difficult. With Bandzoogle, you can easily design your own beat selling website using templates that can be quickly customized to match your brand.
[How to Build a Website to Sell Beats Online]
Some of the advantages of having your own website are that it looks professional, but also you remain in complete control of how it looks and what its purpose is.
You can also collect visitors’ email addresses with Bandzoogle’s built-in mailing list tool, where you can email them regularly to keep them up to date on what you’re doing with your music. Plus, it’s a great way to get them to buy your beats!
The best part? You can sell beats on your website commission-free. This means if you sell a beat to someone for $500, then that’s exactly what you make.
Build a professional website to sell beats in minutes. Sign up free with Bandzoogle now!
2.​ ​Airbit

Airbit (formerly MyFlashStore) is arguably the best site to sell beats online because they’re already an established marketplace for any beatmaker to sell their beats, as well as artists looking to buy beats.
They offer commission-free sales (although they have monthly plans), and what’s great is that it’s all set up for you to sell beats easily.
If you’re new to selling beats, then you definitely need to start with Airbit. At first there’s the free account plan, then you can upgrade to a paid plan which gives you many more selling options.
One of the best features they have is custom licenses and contracts (with automated signature). I have seen other beat-selling websites in the past that were good but didn’t offer contracts, so this is a huge plus.
Another great feature is how their system automatically adds a voice tag to any beat you upload for sale. You can also get custom voice tags as well, if you so desire. This is a great way to protect your beats from getting jacked!
The people that created Airbit literally thought of everything related to selling beats:
•Discounts & Coupons

•Mailing list integrations

•Social Integrations

•Sell Sound Kits


•Social Lock Downloads

•Facebook Ad Tracking Pixel

And one of the newest features? Integration with Bandzoogle to build a website!
3.​ ​Facebook

There are over one billion people that are active on Facebook. If even a tiny percentage of those people are looking to buy beats, that would mean there are many opportunities for you to profit from beat sales.
Even though Facebook is a social media website, it’s still a great way to get the word out about your beats. You can easily ask all your friends to spread the word that you make beats and are selling them, then put links to your Airbit page or your own professional website. Or you can simply post on your feed that you have beats for sale, and try to boost those posts so that more people can see them (and potentially buy your beats).
The other feature from Facebook is, very simply, ads. The Facebook platform thrives on advertisements, and they actually have a great system in place for anyone to advertise, even with a very small budget. You can select your target audience, how long you want your ad to run, and what your ad should look like. For tips on using Facebook ads, check out How to Advertise Your Music on Facebook
There’s also a feature with Airbit where they give you a small snippet of code that you can put on your Facebook page, which will show all of your beats for sale.
4.​ ​YouTube

When it comes to marketing and promotion, one of the best ways to get noticed is via YouTube. 300 hours of video is uploaded to their platform every minute! Since there are so many people that watch YouTube, of course it would be a great place to promote your beats, right?
In order to do so, you would need to make some videos of yourself making beats, or even just talking about beats. If you upload videos that get many views and people continue to tune in, then you will be able to promote your beats and your brand. You could even just upload a video of your beat with a few still images.
The key to getting people to watch your videos is first you need to have really good videos. But you also have to have really good titles for your videos as well. You will want to put descriptive titles and also tags (keywords) as well. This is what will allow YouTube to serve up your videos in search results when people are looking for something such as “beatmaking video” or “hip hop beats”.
Once enough people are checking out your YouTube channel, then you can start to send them to your Airbit store page, or your own website.

5.​ ​Twitter

Many people might not consider Twitter as a website to sell beats, but I know plenty of beatmakers who use it regularly to get sales. Again, this comes down to promotion, and Twitter is a great place to get the word out about your beats.
How is this done? By simply tweeting about music production, beatmaking, and anything in between. It also helps if you can post quick video clips of you making a beat.
It’s not 100% effective, but it’s still another option when trying to network with possible buyers. Also, if you have friends on Twitter that also make beats, or are involved some way in the music industry, they can also retweet and share your posts as well, like I had mentioned earlier about Facebook.
6.​ ​SoundCloud

Many beatmakers post their beats to SoundCloud because it’s a very popular platform with a great audio player. It may not be as popular as other social media websites in terms of using it to promote your beats, but why not?
With millions of users, there are plenty of music fans out there looking for any new music they can get their hands on, and that includes artists that are looking for the hottest beats. This is where you come in. By posting your beats on Soundcloud, you will not only have the potential to sell your beats, but it’s a great way to network with artists and point them to your beat selling website.
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