Sunday, April 1, 2018

Outkast Releases Surprise EP, Return of The Dungeon !!! -


Outkast Releases Surprise EP, Return of The Dungeon !!! -

🎶It goes down in The Dungeon (it go down) it go down in The Dungeon (it go down, it go…down)🎶
After the success of the documentary, The Art of Organized Noize, André 3000 and Big Boi decided to get back together one time to surprise fans with a 5-track EP entitled Return of the Dungeon. The title of the EP is both a play off their song “Return of the ‘G'” and an homage to “The Dungeon,” the legendary basement studio of producer Rico Wade, where the likes of Outkast, the Dungeon Family and Goodie Mob (CeeLo Green) did their first recordings.
The EP comes as a shock to us all, but it’s welcomed nonetheless. Take a listen below and download a copy of this historic collection, as it may be the last time you hear from this ensemble.


But there really is a documentary out on Organized Noize, the hip-hop production sensation behind a lot of artists’ success and the rise of the Atlanta sounds we all love and get down to. Check out the documentary on Netflix.
And if you wanna know why Outkast hasn’t gotten back together, check out the clip below. 😂



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