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#StudioTrappin - 10 Free Boom Bap Drum Kits -

This week’s free post includes Free Boom Bap Drum Kits to add to your sample collection.

Free Boom Bap Drum Kits

Boom bap drum kits in the style of Pete Rock, KRS-One, Marley Marl – Boom bap is a sub-genre of hip-hop and famous for the chopped up acoustic drums widely used in the early 90’s that is now classified as “old school beats.”
Free Boom Bap Drum Kit – Link in description. Over 500mb
Backspacez Drum Kit Volume 5 – Free Boom Bap Drums – 17 Snares, 16 Kicks, 6 Closed Hi-Hats, 1 Open Hi Hat, 7 Assorted Samples.

What Is Boom Bap?

Boom bap is a style of production in hip-hop music. It is usually recognized by an acoustic drum loop/break that is then chopped up and played using a sampler such as the Akai MPC or the SP1200. The term was popularized by the album Return of the Boom Bap by KRS-One.

Boom Bap Beat Making Video

Here is a Boom Bap beat making video by Dubs Bangeron on the MPC.

“Boom Bap” Heroes Vol.1: ASR-10

“Boom Bap Heroes” is an innovative documentary film series, showcasing various Drum Machines and Samplers and their impact on Hip-Hop culture. The first film in the series will document the Ensoniq ASR-10, a keyboard/sampling workstation, which emerged in the early 90’s. Vol. 1 features !llmindJake One and Emile Haynie, elaborating on how the ASR-10 has changed their lives.


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#StudioTrappin - 900 Free Nexus Expansions & Presets -

Nexus is a very popular VST plugin with music producers. Here are links to download over 900 free Nexus Expansions and Nexus presets to add additional sounds to your music making collection.

Instructions: Click the links below, visit the website and look for the download link to download the free Nexus Expansion presets.

Free Nexus Expansion Packs

Nice Keys Nexus Expansion – 34 Presets
Young Chop Nexus Presets – 9 Presets
Gold Bricks Nexus XP – 100 presets
C-RAM’s “Straight From Da Trap 3” Free Nexus XP – Filled with over 50 sounds for Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, and Pop
Big Orchestra Free Nexus Expansion Pack – Lots of great free sounds in this to make those big sounding epic beats.
Flight Takeoff Nexus Expansion – 50+ Free Nexus Presets


Here are the steps to install Nexus Expansions on a PC computer.

How to Use Nexus Tutorial

Details tutorial on how to use the Nexus VST plugin.

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#StudioTrappin - Lil Wayne's Daughter Reginae Allegedly Arrested Alongside Boyfriend YFN Lucci -

Lil Wayne's Daughter Reginae Allegedly Arrested Alongside Boyfriend YFN Lucci

Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci were reportedly detained in Tennessee on Friday night.

The Shade Room shared footage on Instagram of the alleged arrest, alongside the caption, “#PressPlay : More footage of the alleged arrest of #YFNLucci and #Reginae—We can’t confirm they went to jail but many eye witnesses are claiming they got handcuffed after an after hours in #Tennessee #knoxville.”

theshaderoom#PressPlay : More footage of the alleged arrest of #YFNLucci and #Reginae - We can’t confirm they went to jail but many eye witnesses are claiming they got handcuffed after an after hours in #Tennessee #knoxville
In the footage, you see a scene of cop cars and flashing lights on the road. While it isn't clear that it’s Lucci and Carter, a woman identifies Lucci, as well as the man taking the video. He added, “Reginae in the backseat of the other police car, I just walked up on it. I can’t tell you what [Lucci] did, goddammit […] he’s guilty ‘til proven innocent right now.”
In another clip The Shade Room posted, the footage has been taken closer to the cop car, and you can hear a woman say, “I’m pretty sure they got guns,” while someone else made a comment about Reginae.
The Shade Room also posted a screenshot from what looks like Reginae’s Instagram story, where she wrote, “I’m okay guys. I am not in jail btw.” The image is followed by a video, featuring what appears to be Lucci leaning against the front of a police car and talking to a cop.

theshaderoom#Reginae says she’s okay and she’s not in jail! Lucci said things are fine as well! Earlier videos went viral of several witnesses saying they saw #Reginae and #Lucci handcuffed by police in #Tennessee #Swipe
YFN Lucci and Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter were rumored to be dating in early March, after the two shared a flirty exchange on Instagram, and were then spotted together earlier this year in Los Angeles for NBA All-Star events. Lucci and Carter confirmed the relationship in late March, per Hip Hop N More.

theshaderoom#PressPlay : According to the skreetz 👀 #YFNLucci and #Reginae had some dealings with the police after an after hours in #Tennessee #Knoxville - We can’t confirm that they went to jail but multiple eye witnesses reported seeing them handcuffed.