Sunday, December 8, 2019

People Think Steve Harvey Told Lori Harvey To Stay Away From Future, CALLING HIM A SATAN Lol -

Steve Harvey seemed cool with his step-daughter Lori dating his contemporary Puff Daddy.
However, there have been multiple unconfirmed reports that Steve is not happy with the rumors that Lori has moved on to Future, including one that he banned the 36-year old from Thanksgiving dinner.
Future has a history of being pretty heartless with the ladies and a habit of leaving them pregnant. So it stands to reason Steve would have concerns. 
A lot of folks think this motivational speech Steve posted to Instagram yesterday was directed at Lori.

"You are the captain, the master, the foreman, the general, you're the head. Don't give away your power to anyone, especially the devil. Do not let Satan get in your head and function because he has one mission and that's to keep you off course and to make you think that nothing is possible... that God doesn't hear you. You need to listen to this, stay on course," he captioned the vid.
Do you think Steve Harvey is calling Future Satan?


Bhad Bhabie WANTS HERPES ! Can't Quit NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy is the type of guy to give your herpes and then rap about how you gave him herpes.
That seems to be the type of guy Bhad Bhabie likes. The artist formally known as Cash Me Ousside has been spotted with YoungBoy on numerous occasions and has his government name of Kentrell tattooed on her hand.
Yesterday, amid YoungBoy's latest herp flair up, she posted a photo of the house arrested rapper.

"For to win you take a lose but it all plays out in the end," she captioned the photo of YoungBoy on a balcony.

Bhabie is 16 now and will be 17, the age of consent in YoungBoy's home state of Lousiana, in March
Do you think these two will soon make it official?
Here's what Bhabie said earlier this year when asked about her YoungBoy tat:
"This is my body. These are my tattoos. I do my own sh*t for my own reasons... Y'all don't know behind the scenes," she said. "Stop telling me he how has a girlfriend. I did not get this tattoo to be with him or because I'm with him. Like, c'mon, Stop. Seriously. Stop the bullsh*t. Stop. Y'all sound crazy."


Apryl Jones Caught Cheating on Lil Fizz With FBGBabyGoat; Omarion says "Typical HOE shit" Lol -

Last month, Lil Fizz revealed on Love And Hip Hop that he was dating Apryl Jones. The same Apryl Jones who happens to be his B2K bandmate Oamarion's baby mama times two.
Then he decided to twist the knife and taunted Omarion on Instagram over Apryl's new location. It was a move that made everyone cringe.
Fizz is looking like even more of a fool when Apryl was photographed getting cozy in the VIP with up-and-coming rapper FBGBabyGoat. FBG confirmed the photo on his IG page
"Mane keep my name out y’all blogs .. n keep y’all bitchs on a leash πŸπŸ”’ “Orange πŸ¦…πŸŠMound shit” FBG typed.
Omarion has been pretty chill about the whole thing. But he's probably somewhere laughing at this latest twist.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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