Sunday, December 8, 2019

People Think Steve Harvey Told Lori Harvey To Stay Away From Future, CALLING HIM A SATAN Lol -

Steve Harvey seemed cool with his step-daughter Lori dating his contemporary Puff Daddy.
However, there have been multiple unconfirmed reports that Steve is not happy with the rumors that Lori has moved on to Future, including one that he banned the 36-year old from Thanksgiving dinner.
Future has a history of being pretty heartless with the ladies and a habit of leaving them pregnant. So it stands to reason Steve would have concerns. 
A lot of folks think this motivational speech Steve posted to Instagram yesterday was directed at Lori.

"You are the captain, the master, the foreman, the general, you're the head. Don't give away your power to anyone, especially the devil. Do not let Satan get in your head and function because he has one mission and that's to keep you off course and to make you think that nothing is possible... that God doesn't hear you. You need to listen to this, stay on course," he captioned the vid.
Do you think Steve Harvey is calling Future Satan?



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