Thursday, April 16, 2020

(FREE PDF BOOK) From A to ZAY - The Indie Guide to Music Production -

(FREE PDF BOOK) From A to ZAY - The Indie Guide to Music Production

From A to Zay: The Indie Guide to Music Production is years of successes and failures, and how you can duplicate the things I did right and avoid the things I did wrong. Let's get ready to go down the list of everything you need to know about music production (and perhaps life) from A to Zay. - Xavier Dotson The whole key to Xavier's success, besides the obvious (God, faith, family) has always been his consistency to keep creating, whether that's making beats, writing hooks, scoring films or coming up with ideas to further promote something he is involved in. Most people want the fame and the trappings of success without sacrificing anything. In this business or in anything you do, there's a price to pay to get what you want. Whatever is easy usually doesn't have a whole lot of value to it; anybody can have it.   The key is to take the smallest of action steps every day and God will put the right people and situations in your life to get you to your destiny. Let me repeat that. Work on something every single day that will bring you closer to your goal. Stop wondering what you can do and start acting.   Start acting like the person you want to be and you will become that person.   My story is about having a vision. My hope is for you to discover your gifts, focus on them and work until something magical happens. Vision, writing it down and working hard and letting God do the rest. His name alone sets the tone for who he is, what he does and the magnitude of his skill set. Super-producer Xavier "Zaytoven" Dotson copped his name from the German composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven because of the many similarities the two musicians share. Both were born in Germany, both mastered the organ and piano at a young age, both boast a genuine interest in music and most notably possessed the same good foresight to align themselves with key people who could help further their careers. For Beethoven it was the dignitaries of Vienna, for Zaytoven it was Gucci Mane, king of the streets of east Atlanta.




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