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Altered Piano for Omnisphere 2

Altered Piano is the spiritual sequel to Plughugger’s Inferno soundset. Inferno was built only around the famous Burning Piano sounds in Omnisphere, Altered Piano goes much further and includes on all kinds of piano-related sounds from the vast collection of sound sources in Omnisphere, from normal-sounding pianos to noises, effects and weird accidents.

Altered Piano contains 216 sounds

  • 16 Arpeggios and Sequences
  • 12 Hits, Boomers and Effects
  • 27 Pads and Strings
  • 20 Synth Sounds (Poly, Short and Mono)
  • 91 Textures and Soundscapes
  • 50 Multi sounds
Retail $25.00 
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Equilibrium is a small but exclusive selection of 64 fresh presets for Omnisphere v2.6 or later, crafted by sound designer and producer legend Arksun and curated by Luftrum.

Equilibrium contains usable and expressive presets with less soundscapes and textures – sounds that are unique and utterly addictive to play! From cinematic pads to driving arpeggio plucks and sequences, soaring yet sedating synth keys and leads and a good handful of cutting-through basses. Aimed towards filmscore and game composers but also very suitable for any production in need of electronic elements.

Retail $26.00 
Click the photo for the #StudioTrappin

instant download price.


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